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About LKS


Linkseas Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan for over 4 decades, specializing in trading in-vitro diagnosis devices and reagents. Our diagnostic products are commonly welcome and used in teaching hospitals, schools, and research labs.

With good reputation and long term credit, Linkseas was appointed to represent the supplier of high end products to promote the market for sale in the field of Diagnostic Rapid tests, Reagents, Cell culture medium, Cell bags, Lab equipmentCentrifuges, Auto chemistry analyzer, Auto stainer, Bactiloops & Bactistreakers.

Selling reliable & first class quality products will always be our first priority. We not only set up branches in middle and south Taiwan but also expand our business by investing the ISO-certified factories in China. For instance, Baso Diagnostics Inc. Zhuhai and Laiyang Yadong Bio-Technology Co., Ltd are our manufacturers in China.

Meantime, we ambitiously explore the possibilities for expanding other new markets by the integration of our good connections in Asia. Linkseas provides a brilliant linking bridge in between enterprises among China, Japan, Taiwan and Asian countries, for setting up a firm business partnership and win-win cooperation.

Here is our vision: By way of pursuing feature advanced medical technology persistently, to generate the greatest solution and products for worldwide. There is no doubt that products of Linkseas Diagnostic Marketplace are the best choice for professionals.