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Serum Free Cell Culture Medium

Serum Free Cell Culture Medium

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Product Introduction:

1. Serum-Free Culture Media for use in cell and research on regenerative medicine / cell therapy 
We improve and newly develop serum-free culture media that are used in immune cell therapy and for fibroblasts used in cell therapy use.

2. Serum-Free culture Media used for stem cell research
We develop serum-free culture media for use in culturing iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) and MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) that have the potential to become leading players in research on regenerative medicine / cell therapy.

3. Serum-free Culture media for use in producing antibodies, vaccines, and recombinant proteins
Production using cell culture is becoming the main technique for producing vaccines and medical-use proteins. We develop serum-free culture media, aimed at their usae in producing drugs such as these.

4. Chemical Reagents and other products
We manufacture and sell various types of cell culture media and cell culture-related reagents.

ALyS 505 Pre-Filled in Culture Bag / ALyS 705 Packed in PET bottle

Human LAK Cell Culture using Culture Bag System



                               CSTI 無血清培養液用添加劑 Supplement

m Ab production with ALyS-Ab Pro medium
m Ab production with ALyS-Ab Pro medium

Our main marketing regions: 

1. South Eastern Asian countries:
Key areas: Singapore, Hong Kong
Near future areas: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, India
2. Oceania countries
Australia, New Zealand
3. European countries (East and West)
Germany, Austria, France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Ireland, Russia
Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia
4.Scandinavian countries (Northern Europe)
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
5. North America
USA and Canada
6. South America (based on their GDP ranking)
Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Surinam,·Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay

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