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Rota Adeno Rapid Test/Rota virus/Adeno virus Kit

Rota Adeno Rapid Test/Rota virus/Adeno virus Kit

Rota Adeno Rapid Tes
Rota Adeno Rapid Tes

♦ Test of rectal feces is possible
Swab is newly-developed and user-friendly
Residual liquid of sample which was used in
“Quick Chaser ® Noro” can be tested
Extraction reagent solution is already dispensed in vial


・Rectal feces can be tested.
・Newly developed, easy-to-use swab
・Uses a common extraction reagent solution.
(A test can be conducted on a remaining sample used for Quick Chaser Noro)
・Extraction reagent solution has been dispensed in advance

Product Overview

SpecimenNaturally evacuated, enema, or rectal feces
Reaction time5 minutes
Expiry24 months


Kit Composition

Product No.67950
Package10 tests/kit
Content・Test plate -10 tests
・Extraction reagent solution vial -10 vials
AccessoriesSwab -10 pieces
Rack(for extraction reagent solution vial)-1 piece
Filter (for extraction reagent solution vial)- 10 pieces
Blue cap(for temporary storage of extraction reagent solution)- 10 pieces
Name label – 1 sheet


Specimen Collection and Sample Preparation

Test Procedure

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