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Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antigen Kit

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Antigen Kit

Myco Rapid Test
Myco Rapid Test

Test plate:  Reduction of mistakes in test procedure by the description of number of drops and interpretation time

Test procedure:  Easy-to-use and one-step procedure


・Uses pharyngeal swab specimen
・Reduces operational errors by clearly indicating the number of drops and time to read results.
・An easy, one-step operation

Product Overview

SpecimenPharyngeal swab specimen
Reaction time5-15 minutes(15 minutes for a negative result)
Expiry24 months


Kit Composition

Product No.68300
Package10 tests/kit
Content・Test plate -10 tests
・Extraction reagent solution vial -10 vials
AccessoriesSwab(for pharyngeal swab specimen)-10 pieces
Rack(for extraction reagent solution vial)-1 piece
Filter(for extraction reagent solution vial)-10 pieces
Blue cap(for temporary storage of extraction reagent solution)- 10 pieces
Name label – 1 sheet


Specimen Collection and Sample Preparation

Test Procedure

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